Client Reviews

Attorney Chuck is an outstanding lawyer. He represented me previously and handled my case with the upmost professionalism and expertise. Now, years later, he is still more than willing to answer my questions whenever I need help. If I ever need an attorney again, he will be my first call.
— Client, July 12, 2017
When my son made a couple of mistakes and was facing serious charges, Chuck remained calm and helped walk us through the legal system. Through communication with the prosecutors, he was able to get us a good outcome on the case. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a skilled attorney.
— Client's Parent, July 10, 2017
Chuck Efstration is an excellent lawyer! When I was charged with a serious traffic offense that would result in a suspension of my driver’s license, I hired Chuck Efstration to represent me in court. Chuck did an awesome job in my case. I was so worried that I would lose my license, but Chuck helped me through the entire court process. At the end of my case, I got to keep my license. If you need a lawyer, Chuck is the best around.
— Client, July 5, 2017
Five Stars- The process was long, grueling, and stressful, but in spite of it all, the team was calm, reassuring, and dutiful. At the end of the day I could not complain and am very happy with the results. While I wouldn’t wish legal concerns on anyone, I do know that Chuck and his team will do all they can to help. There is no uphill battle like one that challenges societal norms, but Chuck never gave up and for that I am ever thankful.
— Client, July 3, 2017
Chuck Efstration did a great job in my aggravated assault case. He always treated me with respect and kept me informed of the progress on my case. He was able to reach a resolution in my case that was agreeable to me, and did not involve any time in jail. He helped me and my wife in a very difficult time in our life and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a skilled attorney.
— Client, June 28, 2017
Very pleased with attorney chuck and how my case was handled and the outcome. Very knowledgeable and compassionate. I would recommend him to anybody.
— Client, June 20, 2017
I would recommend Attorney Chuck Efstration to anyone who is facing a criminal charge, and who is looking for a dedicated, knowledgeable attorney to handle their case. I was facing a felony drug charge, and wasn’t very optimistic. I went to Chuck, and he took on my case without hesitation. He was thorough, strategic and always stayed in communication with me. Chuck was able to reach a negotiated settlement that did not require me to serve time in Jail. I don’t even want to think about how different my life could be right now had I never called Attorney Chuck. Chuck is the best, would recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney.
— Client, June 15, 2017
Chuck Efstration did a great job in my driving under the influence case. When I hired Chuck, I was concerned that I would be facing extensive jail time in my case. Before I met Chuck, I was represented by several different lawyers who didn’t serve my best interest. Chuck is an amazing attorney who diligently worked to get a good result in my case. I can’t say enough good things about Chuck. I highly recommend him.
— Client, June 14, 2017
The Firm was not focused on making money, but instead saving the marriage.  [I was pleased by Chuck’s] friendliness, honesty and genuine concern for the wellbeing of both parties.
— Client, June 1, 2017
I highly recommend Attorney Chuck Efstration for anyone who is having issues with visitation rights. I found myself in need of an attorney, and called on Chuck for help. He was sensitive to my unique situation, and always kept the best interest of my daughter in mind. In the courtroom, he was well prepared and delivered a well-thought out, effective argument. The outcome of the case was very favorable to me! Over all, I am very satisfied with my experience with The Efstration Law Firm and Attorney Chuck!
— Client, April 26, 2017
From the minute I walked in, I knew this was the firm I wanted to work with and so I didn’t look anywhere else. I was always informed about my case and everything was explained clearly to me. This was a very hard time in my life and Chuck helped me get through it.
— Client, April 20, 2017
I will definitely be recommending Attorney Chuck Efstration to my friends and family! Navigating the legal system is tough, so I called on Chuck to represent me. He guided me through the process, and helped me to understand what was going on every step of the way. He showed up to court well prepared, and argued my case flawlessly. Thanks to Chuck’s hard work and preparation, we walked out of the courtroom with a win! He was also very affordable; he did everything he could to save me as much money as possible, while getting me the most bang for my buck. All in all, I am very pleased with Attorney Chuck and the outcome of my case.
— Client, April 14, 2017
No one ever wants to be in the unenviable position of needing a criminal defense attorney, however, should you, I highly recommend Chuck Efstration. We hired Chuck to represent our daughter. He was knowledgeable, available, compassionate, reasonably priced, and more than capable of navigating what can be a confusing legal system. He’s very familiar with, and respected, in the Gwinnett County courts. He was able to accomplish more than we thought possible to help our daughter. He went above and beyond to get an outcome in her case that truly helped save her life. Chuck always took our phone calls, even after hours and on weekends. We recently needed him to make a call for us and he did it immediately to set our minds at ease. We hope to never need a criminal defense attorney again, but if we do, there will be no question that Chuck is who we will call.
— Client's Parent, April 2, 2017
I continue to experience professionalism, trustworthiness and appreciate their willingness to work with me as their client. Thank you!!!!
— Client, February 19, 2016
Hired Chuck when my daughter had a probation violation. We had very little knowledge of what to expect and did not agree with the recommendation offered by her probation officer. Chuck immediately returned my phone call and put my mind at ease that he could help my daughter. His knowledge of the legal system, and what had to be done, was exceptional. He visited my daughter numerous times and always took my calls, or returned them very quickly. As mentioned in another review, he is well acquainted with everyone he works with in the court system. He was able to get my daughter the exact outcome we were hoping for. His fee for service was more than fair. I can’t say enough how grateful I am to have found Chuck.
— Client's Parent, September 11, 2015
Mr. Efstration successfully litigated a drug trafficking case for me, researched the case in a systematic manner and ultimately had the charges thrown out. Charles was always responsive to my calls and questions, was well acquainted with everyone he was working with in the court system, and always kept me updated on everything as it happened.
— Client, July 24, 2014