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I highly recommend Attorney Chuck Efstration for anyone who is having issues with visitation rights. I found myself in need of an attorney, and called on Chuck for help. He was sensitive to my unique situation, and always kept the best interest of my daughter in mind. In the courtroom, he was well prepared and delivered a well-thought out, effective argument. The outcome of the case was very favorable to me! Over all, I am very satisfied with my experience with The Efstration Law Firm and Attorney Chuck!
— Client, April 27, 2017

Fighting Tirelessly to Maintain Your Relationship with Your Children
Child custody can be one of the most important, and distressing, aspects of a divorce or following the separation of parents.  It is natural for a parents to want what is best for their children and to be concerned that a judicially-established custody order can have a lasting impact in the lives of their kids.  An establishment of custody may be proposed by agreement between parents or through evidence introduced at trial before a judge. Attorney Chuck is experienced in cases of child custody, including the establishment of legal and physical custody in cases of divorce, legitimation, and custody modifications. As is required by Georgia law, Attorney Chuck Efstration will work to demonstrate to the judge why an award of custody is in the best interest of the child. 
How to Prepare for a Custody Case
In the State of Georgia, the law requires the establishment of a parenting plan in child custody cases to govern the shared parenting responsibilities of the parties.  First, the parenting plan establishes the legal and physical custodial rights of the parties.  A parenting plan can also designates a parent to make final decisions concerning the education, healthcare, religious upbringing, and extracurricular activities of the children.  The parenting plan may also specify a schedule of parenting time (including holidays and school vacations), terms of custody exchanges, and conditions for phone/text parent-communication when the child is with the other parent.  
In preparation for a custody case, it is important for a parent to determine which custody arrangement is most beneficial for his or her children.  This may include an even-split of custody time or the selection of one parent as the primary physical custodian.  Next, it is important for a parent in a custody case to identify specific conditions which he or she might want to include in the ordered parenting plan.  Attorney Chuck Efstration has created parenting plans with a variety of custodial frameworks.  
What to Expect During a Child Custody Hearing
If the parents are unable to reach an agreement as to a framework for custody that serves the best interest of their children, a custody hearing may be necessary.  Only a judge may make a final determination of custody when the parties disagree.  As in all trials, the presentation of evidence is governed by laws created to allow each party to present the truth.  The judge may evaluate the believability of each witness and the strength or weakness of the evidence.  The parents are given an opportunity at trial to tell the judge, through sworn testimony, what they believe is best for their children.  Attorney Chuck Efstration has conducted countless trials throughout his career and he is well-versed in the rules of evidence. 
Are you currently going through a child custody dispute?
The assistance of a well-trained attorney in the field of child custody matters could be very important in your case.   Contact Attorney Chuck Efstration today if you wish to seek his assistance in your child custody case. 


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